Egotistical views of the world

To have the power of knowing is the greatest thing human can achieve. No I do not like how this sound. To have the power to build, change, create, seek, and destroy is the best thing that one can do. One must and shall do all his life. The thing is most men do not know that alone he can create, build, change, seek and destroy. Creating is an act of making a concept into a real form. Take it more simple, forming an idea out of nothingness is one act of creating.

Who am I to tell you about creating?

I, today, or yesterday, or whenever the space and time could be in between this moment to the point of space and time which I referred to, am the winner of a contest some men can never had. The whole day I was wondering about what was it that I did so well in life to God or any conception of something greater than human’s and nature’s force that I deserved all these virtues? What virtues?

The virtue of knowing. The virtue of finding answer to one’s question. Yesterday, or days after that, I am alive. How, astonished as I was, can one be reborn all over again in a year? Over and over again I was reborn, today I am older in years compared to what I was years ago yet I had not aged. The soul, you see, the soul is the key as what Ellsworth Toohey said to Keating one night in Keating’s living room. I wish I would not, ever in many years, to repeat Mr Toheey’s word in any of my prose. However I used them today. It is the soul that you need to save. It is the soul that matters. It is what’s in you that drives all of your thinking process and also determines your deeds in the world.

I grew up as an egotist, reborn again as an egotist, a young egotist with hunger and excitement of the world.

One would not ever in a million years change to become another form of person. One will remains as one always has. If one ever changes, then It is not that he changes but he is showing his true self. The thing about people is they always think about change whenever seeing a new thing, or when encountering an old friend in a coffeeshop. People do not have the courage to stay settle in one state. That change, for people, is inevitable when the truth is nobody changes. We always keep still within our true self, if we are the true egotist. We do not change, we do not adapt to our surrounding.  We create and we build as we are to what we aspire that creation to be in all sort of forms that we have as our ideals. We do not compromise, we do not go slow as the time goes by, we keep still as we are. We work as we are.

Most people spend their life to seek their true self when, stressed by Howard Roark in The Fountainhead, one shall understand their true soul and self without finding it in places outside the body, mind and the soul.

I am not speaking in Ayn Rand’s words. I am speaking as I am as I have always had. I may, I admit, have gone weary along my early years in college trying to find peace by having friends and good relationship. You see, that was the problem, when one accepted to be led by any other driver other than his own spirit, mind and soul, one will go weary. The worst thing, when one give the power of others to instil ideals coming from a source outside of the mind, one will go selfless. What is worst than having a body so hollow without the thinking process? A void, a black void.


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